Day: August 28, 2023

Vineet Gupta Jamboree MD talks about navigating exam anxiety, stress, and student mental health

In modern education, the pursuit of academic excellence often comes hand in hand with mounting pressures and mental health challenges. As students strive to excel, they grapple with exam anxiety and stress, which can significantly impact their overall well-being. Understanding the Landscape Vineet Gupta, Jamboree Education Founder and a prominent name in the Indian education sector, emphasises […]

Introducing “Travel with Adarsh Girl”: A Rising Star in the World of Travel Blogging

New Delhi (India), August 28: We are thrilled to announce the emergence of a unique and inspiring travel channel on YouTube, “Travel with Adarsh Girl,” which promises to take viewers on an extraordinary journey of exploration and cultural immersion. Nupur Adarsh, a dedicated government employee and accomplished scholar with a PhD in education, is the creative […]

Dr. Shekhar’s Clinic (Dombivli, Kalyan & Palava City) – Advanced center for Laser Piles & Laparoscopic Surgeries

There are millions of people in India suffering from piles and fistula. It is indeed unfortunate that many people suffer from piles but are hesitant to discuss it openly. Dr. Shekhar’s Clinic offers a promising solution by providing novel approaches and upgraded medications for the treatment of piles. Their slogan, “Don’t hide Piles, cure it […]

QuickTech: A Journey of Trademarks, Technology, and Triumph

Shruti and Jaydeep at QuickTech Store Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], August 28: In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, one company’s success story stands out as a shining example of vision, determination, and the power of trademarks. QuickTech Technology Private Limited, the brainchild of Mr. Jaydeep Modha and Mrs. Shruti Modha, has not only secured a trademark […]

BNI Anthropos –No.1 chapter of the region recently organized one of the largest networking event “UNITY SUMMIT” at the iconic location “Statue of Unity” on 25th August 2023

New Delhi (India), August 28: BNI Anthropos –No.1 chapter of the region recently organized one of the largest networking events, “UNITY SUMMIT,” at the iconic location “Statue of Unity” on 25th August 2023.   Around 300 dynamic business entrepreneurs from different regions of India representing different industries and expertise attended the event. It was a gathering that embodied the […]