Day: October 12, 2022

Snehmilan – Papa ni pari

Read Time:2 Minute, 23 Second October 12: A special snehmilan ceremony was held at Bhavnagar, Gujarat ahead of our main event – Papa ni Pari. Organized by Mr. Suresh Lakhani – a top diamond merchant and philanthropist, Papa ni Pari is a mega mass marriage ceremony where he gets 551 fatherless daughters married in a […]

Indian origin dancer and choreographer Tanishq Joshi becomes the first Indian talent to be signed by MSA Agency

Read Time:3 Minute, 50 Second ~ Established in 2000, MSA is the first agency dedicated to representing dancers and choreographers exclusively ~ Mumbai, October 12: Dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur from Indore, India, Tanishq Joshi (also known as “Taneesky”) becomes the first South Asian to be signed by a globally renowned talent agency MSA (McDonalds/Selznick Associates). […]

Crown Group Defence Highlights the Importance of Home-Grown MRO Capabilities for the Indian Defence Sector

Read Time:4 Minute, 17 Second New Delhi [India], October 12: India has fairly large military inventory/asset. Asset acquisition is one thing but keeping them serviceable and combat ready is a bigger challenge, especially so in times when spares, components and technology supply lines have been affected due to various reasons. Indian defence forces have equipment […]

ClientVenue raises $100,000 seed funding from Upekkha Inc., an India, and US-based accelerator

Read Time:1 Minute, 58 Second New Delhi, October 12: ClientVenue, a resource and client management SaaS platform for marketing agencies, raised $100K in seed funding from SaaS startup accelerator cum investor Upekkha. ClientVenue raised the funds through its parent company “Target, Inc.” which is registered in Delaware, US. With these funds, ClientVenue has planned to […]

A career goal is equal to marriage, choose wisely -Dr. Dhruv Sanadhya Personal Assistant Nagmani Kushwaha Former Union Minister

Read Time:2 Minute, 22 Second Dr. Dhruv Sanadhya, Personal Assistant Nagmani Kushwaha, Former Union Minister October 12: From New Normal to everything normal, students have started going to school and college. As in everything normal, Masks are outside of the windows of schools and colleges. But the greater the dedication and the greater the aspiration […]