Day: April 2, 2022

“I am so fortunate to have designed for famous TV and web series”, celebrity Fashion Designer, Mukesh Dubey sheds light on his Nawab experience!

Read Time:1 Minute, 57 Second Mumbai, April 2: Wheeling through the city of Nawabs makes it impossible to inculcate the royal sense of style and fashion within us. Celebrity fashion designer, Mr Mukesh Dubey has been playing a pivotal role for the last four years in enriching the fashion industry with the glitz and glam […]

Hukam Singh Rajpurohit & Village Residents Adopt Gandhigiri Approach for Stoppage of Long-Distance Trains at Somesar Railway Station

Read Time:2 Minute, 43 Second April 2: Members of the Marwar Yuva Sangharsh Committee have chosen to adopt Gandhigiri for the stoppage of long-distance trains at Pali’s Somesar Railway Station. The youth reached the public representatives with a smile on their faces and sweets in their hands to meet their demand for resolving an age-old […]