1,300 coronavirus cases brought to the United Kingdom at the early stages of the outbreak

Between February and March, more than 1300 cases of coronavirus were imported into Great Britain (Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images).

Scientists assume that at the beginning of the epidemic in Great Britain, the coronavirus could have entered the country in 1356 in individual cases, about one third of which came from Spain.

A comprehensive analysis completely refutes the idea that a single patient zero triggered the entire epidemic in the UK. He also noted that China has had little influence on the spread of the virus in the country.

The Covid-19 Genomics UK (Cog-UK) consortium studied the genetic code of the virus and analysed data on the route of entry and number of infections worldwide to determine how Covid-19 was introduced into the UK.

It was found that a very large number of imported goods were linked to foreign entry, with about 30% of the estimated cases occurring in Spain.

The study indicates that the virus does not come from a single source, but from more than 1,300 different places of origin, which according to scientists is probably underestimated.

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As before, the majority of cases came from Europe, not China (Photo: REX).

According to the report, the UK received about 1.75 million travellers per week in early March, 10% more than at the end of February, due to half school days.

He estimates that 80% of the first cases of Covida-19 arriving in the UK occurred between day 28 of pregnancy and day 28 of the following year. February and the 29th of February. Mars.

The study indicates that the peak was reached in mid-March and that most implementations will take place in March 2020.

By mid-March, accession to the United Kingdom was still significant and coincided with a large number of active cases elsewhere.

The highest number of incoming travellers came from Spain and France, which according to the study could account for 34% and 29% of imported cases respectively.

In addition, high figures are estimated for Italy (14%), Belgium (6%) and the Netherlands (5%), he added.

The study also indicates that the disputed football match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid on 11 September was an important event in the city’s history. The month of March probably had little influence on the spread of the virus in the country.

A map showing the number of coronavirus deaths in Great Britain.

Experts believe that the death toll in the United Kingdom could be much lower if the blockade were introduced earlier.

With 20,000 people airborne from Spain every day in mid-March, the study showed that events such as football matches probably did not contribute much to the spread of the virus in the country.

He said that the first cases of this virus to arrive in Britain from China, where the first case of the coronavirus was recorded, represented a small proportion of all cases, estimated at about 0.08%.

The study showed that in April, after the UK had introduced the lock-up, the number of cases imported had quickly fallen to a low level.

The government forbade the 17th. March all short trips abroad and advised British travellers abroad on the 23rd. Mars to return to Britain.

From Monday of this week, people entering the country will have to retire for 14 days or be fined up to £1,000 in England.

The United Kingdom was granted a derogation on 23 October 2000. Isolated walk. Former government advisor Neil Ferguson said earlier today that implementation of the programme could have halved the number of deaths in Britain a week earlier.

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